Measuring Guide



Double Sided Printing and Two Color Blade

Backside printing for precision marking and line drawing. Backside reading makes wall and ceiling measuring easier. 





Power Blade

 This dynamic tape comes with a new ultra-durable coating that is 10x more durable than regular nylon and mylar coatings.  Why is this important you ask? This adds extra life to your tape and allows numbers and graduations to last longer.





 In the early 1970’s KOMELON introduced fiberglass tape measures to the world. KOMELON Fiberglass tape measures have  become known for quality and durability.




Selflock Tape Measure

KOMELON is well known as an originator of the self locking mechanism. When it was first launched in 2001, the self locking and push button return concept quickly became a favortie of both home owners and professionals.




Magnetic Tape Measure

KOMELON offers several lines of tape measures with a patented magnetic tip.  The magnetic tip allows for easier one person measuring and makes this tape the ideal measuring tool for anyone working with metals.




Stainless Tape Measure

KOMELON stainless steel tapes are ideal to use in wet and dirty conditions.  Stainless steel tapes are a favorite among the granite industry, and offer a durable, cleanable, rust resistant blade.