Measuring Guide - Power Blade


Komelon Power Blade Story to tell


This dynamic tape comes with a new ultra-durable coating that is 10x more durable than regular nylon and mylar coatings. Why is this important you ask? This adds extra life to your tape blade. The numbers and graduations will not wear off as easily.


The PowerBlade also comes with a 1 1/16" wide blade for an additional 2 feet of added standout vs. a standard 1" blade.


It has dual sided printing so when flipped over, it is flush with the surface you want to measure.


This is perfect for rounded surfaces like pipes and conduits.


Lab Tested the Most Durable Blade


Chemical Resistant Lab Test Results



Chemical Resistant Lab Tests (falling sand)


  • Powerblade Graduation starts to be off at 40 times of falling sand
  • Graduation starts to be off at 4 times of falling sand


Features and Benefits


 The most durable coating and 1.06" wide blade for an additional 2 feet of standout vs a standard 1"


 Rubberized case for added comfort and durability


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