Measuring Guide - Magnetic Tape Measure


Komelon Magnetic Story to tell


KOMELON offers several lines of tape measures with a patented magnetic tip.  The magnetic tip allows for easier one person measuring and makes this tape the ideal measuring tool for anyone working with metals.


The powerful magnetic tip holds the tape measure firmly in place on iron and steel surfaces. The magnet is strong enough to keep the end hook afixed while positioned either horizontally or hanging vertically. The magnetic tip also allows this tape to be used as a pickup tool.


Easier One Person Measurement


Rare earth magnets are strong enough to keep the hook in a fixed position or to be used to pick up other metal parts during construction.


Features and Benefits

Power Tapes


The magnetic tapes still achieves accurate inside and outside measurements.


When hanging and pulling measuring from the ceiling or wall using the magnet, deduct 1/16 (0.078) inch from the measurement to achieve accurate measure.


Long Steel and Fiberglass


 Zero commencement is inside of the hook. Add 0.078 inches when the magnetic tip is abutted to a metal surface for an exact measurement.


Magnetic Models