Terms of Use


Chapter 1 General Provisions

Article 1 Purpose

These Terms of Use are intended to define the terms and conditions of use of all services provided by Komelon and other requirements.


Article 2 Notice and Effect of the Terms

1. The terms of this agreement are effective upon posting the contents on the website or otherwise notifying members by other methods.

2. Each of these terms may be changed if there are new services added for members or critical reasons require based on Komelon policy, and they shall be immediately in effect as same.


Article 3 Other Terms and Conditions

The matters not specified in these Terms of Use are under the provisions of the Telecommunications Basic Act, the Telecommunications Business Act and other related statutes.


Chapter 2 Service Use Contract

Article 4 Establishment of Use Contract

1. By clicking the “Accept” button you agree to be bound by these terms when you apply for services.

2. The contract of use shall be established by the consent of Komelon regarding the use application of the user.

3. In order to receive a response when making inquiries, you must provide personal information requested by Komelon.

4. In principle, the contract of use shall be signed with one ID per member.


Article 5 Approval and limitation of application for use


Komelon website does not accept membership.

1. You shall be requested to provide your personal information as below when posting

① Q&A : Name, Contact number, E-mail


Article 6 Personal Information Protection

1. Komelon must obtain your consent when collecting personal information.

2. For the use of your personal information for any purposes other than internal management, statistical purposes or sending out prizes upon events, and in the case of any damage to users for giving it to third parties without your consent, loss, theft, Komelon shall take full responsibility.


Chapter 3 Use of Service

Article 7 Use of Service

Komelon is in principle to provide services 24 hours a day, 265 days a year. However, due to reasons such as periodic inspection, maintenance of equipment, interruption of service occurred by Telecommunication service provider upon Telecommunication business Act, and due to force majeure accident such as natural disaster, services may be suspended with or without prior notice.


Article 8 Providing Information and Advertising

1. Komelon may provide its members with the service using history, various events or information services by methods such as E-mail or letter mail.

2. Using some of the services may require your social media information, name and contact number.


Article 9 Deleting posts and membership rights

1. Komelon may delete posts or contents of services in violation of the provisions of Article 11 without prior notice.

2. If judged that there is not enough capacity in its facility, Komelon may delete the file information and member information with prior notice.


Article 10 Copyright

Rights to the materials posted on the site are as follows.

1. Rights and responsibilities of the post belong to the publisher, and Komelon cannot use it for commercial purposes without the consent of the publisher. However, Komelon may use it for non-commercial purposes as well as publishing within the service.

2. Processing or selling information and commercial use of materials obtained through the use of the website are not allowed.

3. The information service provided by Komelon is copyrighted by Komelon and you may be legally liable for any unauthorized reproduction.


Chapter 4 Limitation of Liability and Utilization of services and termination

Article 11 Restrictions on Use of Services

1. Komelon restricts IP connection or use of service for a period of time without prior consent, if:① Caught stealing other someone else’s identity such as name, e-mail address or contact number

② it is related to crime

③ it is against public order and morality

④ it may result defamation of character

⑤ it hinders healthy use of services or activities

⑥ it is in violation of any other related statutes.


Chapter 5 Obligations

Article 12 Obligations

1. Komelon shall make services available you requested unless it has special reasons under Article 7 or any other reasons.

2. Komelon is obliged to provide services continuously and reliably as stipulated in these Terms of Use.

3. Komelon will not disclose or distribute personal information to anyone without consent. However if there is a request from a government agency or the like in accordance with relevant and related laws such as Telecommunication laws, or if it is urgently needed to protect personal safety, Komelon may provide personal information.


Chapter 6 Damages and Disclaimers

Article 13 Damages and compensations

Komelon shall not be liable for damages incurred to an individual by use of services provided free of charge, unless they are incurred by gross negligence by Komelon.


Article 14 Disclaimers

1. Komelon shall be exempted from liability for the provision of services in the event of force majeure such as natural disasters.

2. Komelon is not responsible for the reliability and accuracy of the information and data posted by the individuals.

3. Individuals are responsible for any loss or damage caused by carelessness or misuse by third parties.

4. If Komelon was liable for any breach by the individual in violation of Article 11 and other terms and conditions by which Komelon suffered any damages, Komelon will and must claim all damages against the individual who violated the terms and Komelon must be indemnified from such costs.


Article 15 Competent Court

If a lawsuit is filed against a dispute between the users and Komelon regarding the use of services provided, the court that handles the case shall be the one that has jurisdiction over Komelon headquarters.