Measuring Guide - Stainless Tape Measure


Komelon Stainless Story to tell


KOMELON stainless steel tapes are ideal to use in wet or dirty conditions.  Stainless steel tapes are a favorite among the granite industry, and offer a durable, cleanable, rust resistant blade.  In addition to the blade, all

metallic components are made from stainless steel to resist rust.





Features and Benefits



  1. Stainless steel blade resists against rust.
  2. Strongly bonded nylon-coated blade resists abrasion and wear for lifetime use and embossed finish reduces the glare of the silver blade.
  3. Stainless steel tape is washable to clean dirt off the blade to extend the lifetime of the tapes.
  4. Stainless steel spring provides long term usage and durability by resisting rust and hardening over time.







Stainless Models