Measuring Guide - Fiberglass


Komelon Fiberglass Story to tell


In the early 1970's KOMELON introduced fiberglass tape measures to the world. KOMELON fiberglass tape measures have become known for high quality and durability.


Tensile Strength

KOMELON tapes are manufactured with our own fiberglass compression technology invented for 16,000 filament strands to withstand over 1,102 lbs of pulling force.



KOMELON double coated fiberglass blade resist 10,000 cycles of scrubbing tests. This transparent PVC coating resists wear up to 40 times more than the competition.


Fiberglass tapes are convenient to use, especially for long distance measuring because of the light weight and flexible features. Fiberglass tapes will not rot, corrode or distort and are electrically non-conductive when dry.


Lab Tested the Most Durable Blade



a. Fiberglass strands

b. Permanent adhesion

c. PVC coating

d. Printing

e. Transparent PVC

f. Glare-proof empossed finish



Features and Benefits


 3:1 gear mechanism. (Available on the 8811 model)



 KOMELON double coated blade protects markings and graduations from chemical and mechanical abrasion. It is waterproof and dirt-resistant. Resists stretching even in extreme temperatures.



 Double rollers guide the blade and prevent twisting.



 Two color blade for better readability.



Fiberglass Models