30' Monster MagGrip

Nylon Coated Steel Blade

30' x 1"

  • Magnetic dual end hook
  • Nylon coated blade with double sided printing
  • Impact resistant, rubberized case
Manufacturer Part No: 7130
Item UPC: 6-50056-07130-3

Mon-ster      adjective

  1. Of an extraordinary and daunting size or extent
Komelon's 30' Monster MagGrip may not be daunting in size but the number of features is extraordinary. This tape has it all, including a magnetic dual end hook allowing for easier one person measurement, double sided printing to provide precise marking, and the Monster MagGrip's blade is nylon coated for maximum durability. This tape is a must have for anyone working with or around metal because it makes the job easier. This 30' magnetic tape measure is strong, versatile, and extremely durable--what more would you need in a Monster? Oh, it looks pretty mean too.